Frequently Asked Questions about Medicare Participants

Frequently Asked Questions about Medicare Participants

Assuming you have just started using Medicare, you may be confused about the options available. Here are some of the questions that many adults have about retirement and Medicare.

How can I enroll in Original Medicare?

If you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes during work hours and received social security contributions, you will receive a Medicare card and medicare advantage plans 2020 online on by mail three months before your 65th birthday and will automatically enroll in Part A (that is, the hospital insurance) in the account of his birthday. If you do not get social security benefits because you are still working, you will need to contact Social Security directly to register with Medicare during the first enrollment period (i.e. 3 months before your birthday and 3 months after). If you have not paid a health insurance rate during work, you will need to contact Social Security directly to acquire Part A.

If you are a recipient of Part A, you will register automatically for Medicare Part B, which is part of Medicare Health Insurance, on the first day of your 65th birthday. The cost of part B is a predetermined value for almost everyone. If you do not automatically register as a member and do not register for Part B, or if you request Part A because you or your spouse are still working, you may do so during the general registration period (i.e. January 1 to March 31), insurance begins each year on July 1 or during the special registration period. The special registration period allows you to register in Part B within eight months after the termination of the employment relationship or employer, or at any time when the group insurance is based on the employer (depending on the event that occurs). First). If you register as part of the general enrollment period, you may receive a late enrollment deadline if you did not register while you were qualified.

What can I buy as a substitute for Original Medicare?

Medicare supplement policies are standardized and, therefore, enjoy the same benefits, regardless of the messaging service to which they are linked. During the open enrollment period (that is, in the first six months you are 65 and enrolled in Medicare Part B), an insurance company cannot refuse Medigap policies that sell and allow you to wait until the insurance begins. You will be charged more due to a prerequisite. These diets vary, but include benefits such as the first three liters of blood when you are hospitalized, part B obsolete and co-insurance for the care of qualified nursing homes.

The Medicare Advantage policies are private insurance policies underwritten by the government to Medicare (i.e. including medical and hospital supplies). They usually include Part D insurance (prescription drugs), in addition to traditional benefits, and usually require an additional premium. Some policies, such as PPO and HMO, restrict what services can be used by your network providers. However, they can generally reduce health care costs. You can sign up for a Medicare Advantage policy by visiting Medicare for the first time or around November 15 through December 31, or January 1 through March 31 of each year.